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The Rubenfeld Law Office, PC, provides professional legal counsel and representation in a wide range of areas for clients throughout Middle Tennessee. With more than 40 years of legal experience, we are committed to protecting our clients' rights and aggressively pursuing the proper resolution, through trial or agreement.


It does not matter how difficult or complex your case is or how simple the matter, we strive to meet all of our clients' needs. We are available via email day and night and will make weekend and evening appointments, if necessary. Our initial consultations are at least an hour long so we can get a real understanding of your issues and plan a strategy.


We are dedicated to our clients and making their life better. Abby Rubenfeld and the staff at the Rubenfeld Law Office believe that the client's needs come first. You and your family are important to us as people and not just as another case; we are committed to making each client feel good about his or her case and that we are meeting his or her needs.


Abby R. Rubenfeld has been successfully practicing law since 1979. She is a nationally recognized expert on LGBT family law and civil rights issues, with a long history of passionate and effective advocacy. Her wide legal, legislative, academic, and political experience has given her the background to successfully represent clients in a variety of forums and on a variety of issues. Abby and the staff at the Rubenfeld Law Office believe that the firm’s continued success results from a reputation earned by many years of successful representation of clients in the real world.


We strive to provide quality representation effectively and efficiently and to make sure that you get every legal benefit available to you in our complex and ever-changing legal environment.


We are located in East Nashville two blocks south of Five Points.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the consultation fee and what does it cover?

Abby’s consultation fee is $350.00. This is their hourly rate. The initial consultation is at least one hour and may be longer depending on your needs.

Does the consultation fee get applied to my retainer if I hire the attorney?

Yes. You pay the consultation fee prior to your appointment. However, if you hire Abby that fee is applied to the retainer.

Where do I park for your office?

We have street parking. Please do not park in the lot behind our office because the people that own it will have you towed.

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The Rubenfeld Law Office, PC  provides professional legal counsel and representation in a wide range of important legal areas for clients who are located in the Middle Tennessee area.

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